Only 4278 people know about this blog so


I will post/say/reblog whatever the fuck pleases my mind and my dick. 

Leave me alone before I start randomly throwing dicks at everyone!

If you think there’s for me, more to life, more to feel, more to live; I’m only one proof away. You’re more than welcome to prove me life is worth living for. I’m more than willing to prove you wrong.


This was me, being the most honest at my best. If you don’t like it, go fuck yourself with the remote control or something.

Thanks to those stupid promotions and follow for follow shit Tumblr’s become lame like Myspace. It’s a blogging site, not a fucken popularity contest you idiots.

  • Brittany: grrrrr.
  • Ryan.: Yes? :L
  • Brittany: that wasn't even grr. dork. omg. :L
  • Ryan.: I thought R could be stuck :C:L
  • Brittany: ok then. but it wasn't so meh. or somethiong.
  • Ryan.: Somethiing :L
  • Brittany: yeah what you said :L
  • Ryan.: We're fuck as h,gh :L
  • Ryan.: or vice vetrsa
  • Ryan.: idek
  • Brittany: are not. i'm perfectly fine. so meh. I mean I think I am. I don't feel too different.
  • Ryan.: :L im laughing ND CRYING At the SAME tiMe
  • Brittany: <3 yay laughing.
  • Brittany: it's like craughing.
  • Brittany: cry laughing.
  • Brittany: xD
  • Ryan.: tou're yigh :L

on my way to kill someone, brb.

Maybe I’m incredibly high but nothing makes sense anymore because it all makes so much sense that I can’t stand or carry it anymore. Nothing ever made sense anyway. And it never will.

Writers block is always way better than cock block.
Sometimes I see some Facebook likes and I think to myself “Who the hell created that one?!”

Thank god I’m not a student! That’s the only thing I am thankful for.

Fat girls like me.